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You are thinking about asking for your child to be baptised because you want the best for them.

The Church here in the parish is very glad to share this with you. We warmly encourage your wish to bring your child to Christ.

First, we must be sure that you have become part of the parish community and found your place here with us in the Holy Ghost parish.

The Church insists that we baptise children only where there is a well founded hope that they will be brought up as Catholic Christians.

Otherwise we may think it best to ask you to defer the baptism until you are ready.


You need to see Sister Teresa who will go through the process with you as a family. She is our Baptism Co-ordinator.
You can contact her at Sunday Mass or by telephone on 01582 755917. She will arrange to meet you and talk with you.


Preparation -
There are two Preparation Meetings with the Baptism Team for you as parents and the godparents to share what we mean by Baptism in the Roman Catholic Church.

The Presentation -
At your Sunday Mass you will present your child to the people of the parish so that they can welcome them and agree to their Baptism

The Sacrament -
We celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism on fixed Sundays in the year during the Mass which you regularly attend.

It is best if children are brought to baptism as soon after their birth as possible so long as the families are ready and prepared.


Jesus is Baptised Minimize
Jesus is Baptised

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