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Celebrating your Marriage in the Holy Ghost Parish Minimize

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The Catholic Church believes in the sanctity of marriage, and so celebrates marriage
as one of its Sacraments.

Anyone who is a baptised Catholic may ask to be married to another person in the Catholic Church. It is usual for the Catholic(s) to be confirmed. Both parties must be free to marry.

We will always respond positively to a request for marriage and encourage people to marry if it right for them. It is very important that the couple fully appreciates the Church’s teaches on marriage.

In England and Wales marriages which are solemnised in our church are also recognised by the state so long as due process is followed.


WHO ?  

Jesus Christ is for Christians the pattern for all human love.

In marriage you wish to celebrate your love and bring it before God and the Church.
The community of our Holy Ghost parish, your local Church, is very glad to share this with you. It is very important that you find your place here in this community where you ask to celebrate your marriage.



Approach Mgr Kevin who will arrange to meet with you both and begin the process .

It will be important to ensure that you are both free to marry and that the date you wish is available.

If you are a Catholic or a member of another Christian church  you will need to provide your baptism (and confirmation) details.

There will be several meetings with the priest and also you will need to book into a marriage course. Our local course is at St Joseph’s
on ….

Otherwise contact
Buckden Towers: 01489 810344
Marriage Care: 01494 525875 / 01908 696606
All Saints Centre: 01727 827010


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